She has served as a dancer-choreographer in Mikkeli, as a choreographer at such distinguished venues as the Savonlinna Opera Festival and the Finnish National Opera, and as a dancer in such companies as Hurjaruuth, Dance Theatre Rollo and the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki.

Over the years she has also developed into a singer-actress. While freelancing throughout her professional career, she has also launched and produced dozens of performances, theatres, concerts and events.

Her collaboration with Iiro Rantala is merely the most recent of these endeavours.

A pyrotechnical display of music and lyrics about love, passion and life. The unique Words & Melodies package of Iiro Rantala and Lotta Kuusisto emerged during the COVID-19 quarantine in the home of this artist couple. The performance brings together words and melodies alternately at a rapid pace, evoking a wide variety of moods with feelings of a life lived,

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