Music and Art in Naantali

Spend an enjoyable day in Naantali with art and music.

This music and art lovers’ package includes a delightful visit to the studio gallery of Naantali-based artist Kristiina Turtonen and a charming concert at the Naantali Monastery Church at the Naantali Music Festival. During the gallery visit, we’ll get to experience Turtonen’s art and technique and enjoy some sparkling and snacks.

The gallery visit can be combined with three concerts at the Naantali Music Festival. Choose your favorite concert and reserve your place in the idyll of Naantali, which has inspired artistic souls through time with its uniqueness.

10.6. Dances with the Stars

14.6. Summertime

15.6. Partita Concertante


Schedule and programme:

Arrival to Naantali is via your own transportation.
at 5:30 pm Visit to Kristiina Turtonsen’s Gallery, sparkling wine service
19:00 Concert at Naantali Church (duration about 2 hours)

Price 99 € including concert tickets for two persons for the selected concert, gallery visit and catering.

This event is organized by Visit Naantali. Reservations and more information and tel. 02 435 9800.

Churches and concerts in the archipelago

Two concert experiences 11.6.

On this concert tour, you will experience music in the idyllic churches of the countryside and the archipelago. The package includes concert tickets for the Mannerheim’s Contemporaries concert at Askainen Church and the Afternoon with Mozart concert at Merimasku Church. The concert tour will culminate in a delicious lunch at Louhisaari Manor’s café, which is located in the immediate vicinity of Marshal Mannerheim’s birth home, the Louhisaari manor house.

Schedule and programme:

Arrival to Askainen is via your own transportation.

A buffet lunch is from 12:00 to 13:00 at Louhisaari Manor’s café, at Louhisaarentie 229, Askainen.

The Mannerheim’s Contemporaries concert is from 14:00 to 15:00 in Askainen Church, at Askaistentie 788, Askainen.

An Afternoon with Mozart is from 16:00 to 17:00 at Merimasku Church, at Paltteentie 10, 21160 Merimasku.

The price of 85€ includes both a buffet lunch at Louhisaari Manor’s café as well as tickets to the concerts at both Askainen Church and Merimasku Church.

You can explore the grounds of Louhisaari’s manor house independently, or, for a fee, participate in a guided tour of the manor house. More information about guided tours can be found at

This event is organized by Visit Naantali. Reservations and additional information can be found at or by calling 02 435 9800.


Naantali Music Festival warmly thanks its partners and supporters for their cooperation.


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