By bus

Naantali is easily accessible from Turku by bus. Buses 6 and 7 depart from Turku Centre for Naantali via Raisio several times an hour. Busses take a route via Raisio. There is also a frequent bus service from Naantali to Merimasku and Rymättylä.

See timetables.

Turku can be easily reached from different parts of Finland by train or bus.

By car

Naantali can also be easily reached from Turku by car via the Naantalin pikatie road (15 km’s). Summer is a busy time in Naantali, so parking is often a problem, especially in and around the old town and church. Travellers by car should therefore allow plenty of time for parking and a short walk to the church. The traffic wardens are very strict in Naantali in summer.

By boat

Naantali is boater’s paradise. The guest marina is located right in the city center – it’s just a stone’s throw from Naantali Church which is the main venue of the Music Festival. Get to know the marina.

By Taxi

Taxi orders in Naantali and Turku can be made 24 hours a day by calling +358 (0)200 10041.


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