Tuuli Lindeberg appears frequently on classical music stages and in concert series and festivals in Finland. Her wide repertoire ranges from intimate lute songs, bouts of baroque madness, classical lieder and electroacoustic contemporary music all the way to extensive oratorio work and major stage roles.

Lindeberg’s recent partners include the Lahti Symphony Orchestra, Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, Finnish Baroque Orchestra and Avanti!. She is an active advocate for contemporary music and a performer whose singing voice and talent as a musician have inspired numerous Finnish composers. Lindeberg has recently premiered the music of Juhani Nuorvala, Asta Hyvärinen, Hannu Pohjannoro and Kaija Saariaho, among others.

Over the years, Lindeberg has been seen in various stage roles, especially in independent chamber opera and multi-art productions in Finland. One of her recent works on stage is a revised version of the musical theatre piece Study for Life by Kaija Saariaho, performed at the Finnish National Opera in autumn 2022.

Tuuli Lindeberg studied singing at the Sibelius Academy under Ritva Auvinen and earned a Master of Music degree in 2002. She teaches vocal music in her areas of specialization at the Sibelius Academy and is also the artistic director of the contemporary music festival Musica nova Helsinki.

Finnish music was born in the forest. Finnish music was born in the forest. Jean Sibelius heard the echoes of both his great symphonies and his aphoristic piano pieces in birdsong and humming trees, and it was from nature’s mysterious seduction that the thrilling story of the Wood Nymph was born. For Outi Tarkiainen, inspired by the nature of Lapland, the forest provides a hiding place, a platform for spiritual growth and a home for ancient stories. Outi Tarkiainen is one of the fastest rising Finnish composers of her generation internationally.

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