Seela Sella graduated from the Theatre Academy Helsinki in 1959. Her long career has taken her to the City Theatres of Turku and Hämeenlinna, the Intimiteatteri in Helsinki, the Finnish National Theatre, the Tampere Workers’ Theatre, the Tampere Comedy Theatre and the Theatre Jurka in Helsinki.

Besides film and television work, she has also held monologues and evenings of song and recitation, initially with her husband. She has read for several audiobooks, including Aili Somersalo’s classic fairy tale novel Mestaritontun seikkailut.

Sella won an Alfred Kordelin Foundation Recognition Award in the year 2000 and a State Prize for the performing arts in 2009. She won a Jussi Award in 2007 for her supporting role in the Finnish comedy film The Leaning Tower.


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