Actor Lauri Tilkanen is known for his numerous roles in film, such as Syysprinssi, Tom of Finland and Olavi Virta, as well as for his roles in TV series such as Deadwind and Pohjolan laki. He has also acted on the stage in many theatres.

Tilkanen graduated as Master of Arts in Theatre and Drama from the Theatre Academy in 2012, specialising in musical theatre.

Tilkanen also makes music himself and plays the drums, guitar and piano.





Finnish music was born in the forest. Finnish music was born in the forest. Jean Sibelius heard the echoes of both his great symphonies and his aphoristic piano pieces in birdsong and humming trees, and it was from nature’s mysterious seduction that the thrilling story of the Wood Nymph was born. For Outi Tarkiainen, inspired by the nature of Lapland, the forest provides a hiding place, a platform for spiritual growth and a home for ancient stories. Outi Tarkiainen is one of the fastest rising Finnish composers of her generation internationally.

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